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I'm the CEO and co-founder of Playerize.

How I Finally Fixed Email And Changed My Life

How I Finally Fixed Email And Changed My Life Between work and family I seem to be in a state of constantly-swamped, so I’m working hard to simplify my work habits to allow myself more time for thoughtful, focused work.  This was the biggest improvement yet: I’ve recently DOUBLED my effectiveness by clearing my schedule and my headspace from the constant distraction and false-productivity of email.  We
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Accelerators – Founder Perspective 2: Then & Now

… a continuation of Founder Perspective, where I discussed the value we received from our time in an accelerator. GET TO WORK. After Demo Day, in November of 2011, we left Montreal on a high of success. We closed angels and VCs that we were working with, we moved back to Vancouver feeling like heros, and got to work on the reality of building not a pitch or an idea but a real business.  After the high of Demo D
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Accelerators – The Founder Perspective

I promised during a talk I did at the Accelerator Rally (thanks @ianmtl!) in MTL last month that I would lay out here a series of articles on where, as a founding CEO, I got the most value from our accelerator during and after, what I would change, and what I would tell startup founders going into a program, so this is part one of many. DIVING IN TODAY: where we got the most value from the accelerator during and shor
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De-Risking Risk Capital: A Lightweight Angel Fund

This discussion springs from Boris Mann‘s post today, which touches on the need for “fail money” in Canada.  I agree with nearly everything he says, and it can’t be disputed that more active capital is required to continue the growth of the startup economy in Canada and build our web and digital media industries. My reaction though is centred around (1) I hate the term “fail money”
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A Startup Accelerator Business Plan

As part of my Queen’s MBA we don’t do a thesis, each student crafts a new venture business plan.  Because I’ve been excited by the potential of the startup accelerator model, I created a plan for an accelerator based in Vancouver and inspired by Bootup, Y-C, and TechStars.  I believe, and I know I’m not alone, that when dealing with very early stage teams it’s IMPERATIVE that the investm
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