Key Work
& Projects

  • CTO & Architect, Lucy Bank

    The opportunity to craft a mobile bank from the ground up is a once-in-a-career opportunity - I'm proud to be doing this to support unbanked female entrepreneurs, and show what can be done rapidly, securely, with minimal code, on AWS.

    Lucy Bank turns the unbanked into the unstoppable...
  • Board of Management,
    Green School Bali

    During our two years in Bali I have served on the board of the Green School, working to use my experience alongside the efforts of staff, teachers, students, and parents to help make the school better month by month and term by term.

    Green School is a magical place, check it out...
  • Published "Learn CDK" Course

    I fell in love with the power and flexibility of the AWS "Cloud Development Kit" while doing cloud architecture for consulting clients. As a new tech, there is a lack of materials released, so I've written and filmed 46 videos of training on the CDK.

    Check out the free and paid lessons at
  • Launched
    "Stripe for Salesforce"

    A native integration of Stripe payment processing data and events into Salesforce, developed in 2019 and launched in 2020.

  • CTO, Alavida Health

    Over three years I architected, managed development, and maintained secure, HIPAA-compliant health care software to allow Alavida to provide a new, very effective treatment for alcohol addiction.
    We initially created a custom platform on AWS to manage patient care and records, and then I led the transition to a Salesforce Health Cloud-based solution with significant custom development and external integrations.
    Very proud of the work done here, not only to advance patient care but also to do it in a secure, compliant, and ultimately cost-effective way.

  • Founder & CEO, SuperRewards

    I co-founded Playerize in 2011 with Lyal Avery to solve growth for social and mobile games. We raised two rounds of funding.
    In 2012 we acquired SuperRewards and adopted that name, growing the combined company in two cities to an acquisition by in 2015. I served as CEO of the division at Perk for a year following the exit.

  • MBA, Queen's University

    Following the sale of my company I wanted to ensure that my skills were not limited to a single company that I had founded, so spent 2010 and 2011 completing an MBA at Queen's.

  • Founder & CEO, River Styx Group

    Co-founded in 1998 and led through 10 years of bootstrapped growth, we developed web software focused on affiliate marketing and online poker software, before pivoting into payment processing. That business grew rapidly and led to an exit in 2008.